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Dermatica is a tech startup in the skin space disrupting the health industry globally, offering personalised treatments for various skin concerns. Using our newly developed creative strategy, we transformed the website to redefine on what makes us who we are and visually communicate our principles. We created an inviting digital presence and reimagined the user journey for the consultation process. I designed and customised the digital experience for desktop, tablet and mobile, treatment pages, PPC pages, built a new design system and developed the art direction.

Typography & Colours

Our new typography is versatile, it has scientific and functional letterforms. Perfect to use for large amounts of content and quietly confident headlines. The new colour palette features a wide breadth of tones, ranging from subtle to more vibrant - works well to create clear layouts with moments of bold and distinct expressions when needed.

Art Direction

Our art direction approach evokes honesty and celebrates the diversity of skin. It’s our visual tool to communicate how we see skin differently to the world. Our customers are always photographed in an authentic, honest and positive way.


We created a series of wireframes based on the information we collected from our current user journey, highlighting all the pin points that need to be solved from our current website.

Design System

We developed a new style guide for our design system, aligned to our scientific approach of the brand experience. Our choice of using strong elements and illustrations to display scientific content allows users to easily navigate around each page. From the typography, colours to the iconography - our approach is simple, clean, precise and easily identifiable.


We relaunched the web experience for desktop, tablet and mobile in response to best serve our users and needs. The solution tailors to current and new customers, it was important to build confidence and brand trust to a new web based service as Dermatica continues grow exceptionally quick. The newly developed website is an honest and approachable design experience that takes inspiration from diversity of skin and science. This is the way we see skin differently.




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Creative Strategy

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Yusuf Hoosain

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